R.A. Sears


About R.A. Sears

Paranormal wordslinger, occult horror writer, and sculptor of molten erotic works that are sure to satisfy, R.A. Sears has a cinematic writing style that's heavy on the eclectic and strange.

Born in Northern New York in 1986, Randi spent more time with her pets than people. She feels most at home in the quiet solitude of nature. Having grown up on a lake, she feels stifled when confined to the suburban wastelands that her husband's career occasionally dictates they dwell in. From an early age, she found herself drawn to the works of Poe and Shakespeare, as well as William Blake and Stephen King (much to the irritation of some of her teachers in middle school). 

A lover of words, she took classes like anatomy and physiology in college--along with criminalistics--to better her craft. Her lifelong interest in mythology shines through in her prose, as well as her love of urban fantasy and the paranormal. She now lives in Washington with her black cat Nergal, and Renegade: a dog rescued from Afghanistan. She shares her space and time with her loving, supportive husband and her two sons.